Romane and Philippe separate. After 10 years together, two children and a dog, they do not love each other anymore. Finally - they are no longer in love. But they love each other, anyway. Many. To really part? In short - It's vague. Then, under the watchful eye of those around them, they give birth to a "separation": two separate apartments, communicating through - the room of their children. Can we separate together? Can one redo one's life without undoing it?

"L'Amour Flou"

PhotoGallery "L'Amour Flou" (5)

L'Amour Flou - Picture 1 L'Amour Flou - Picture 2 L'Amour Flou - Picture 3 L'Amour Flou - Picture 4 L'Amour Flou - Picture 5

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